• theboywiththespecs 23w

    So, when you run out of light, worry not, for my soul will light itself on fire and burn for you.

    You may run out of love, worry not, for I have enough for the both of us, and you may even share what’s left in you with anyone you think they deserve yours.

    Your breaths? Sure, they are limited, too. And, when you run out of it, you’ll have my lungs inside of you, and your breaths will smell mine.

    You don’t always have to be strong. I may not help you lean on, but I will make sure you always have a pillar behind or beside you, just in case.

    You will run out of your beauty. Your skin will grow old, your beautiful hair locks will become grey and dry, and you will run out of youth; worry not, for I’ll give my eyes to you to see how undeniable your beauty will always be.

    And, when you run out of life, which is the only thing even I can’t help but see happening, you sure do not have to worry, because when you’re no more, I bet I’d not have to exist a minute after that, too, and we will have to just find our ways to each other in a different plane of existence.
    - Nandha Kriskar