• mizzle 9w


    I'm writing this coz I feel frustrated yet helpless. From the past few days I've been forcing myself to listen to a bizarre topic of how girls should be perfect. While I'm penning this down,i can only feel disgust for all those people who think that every girl has to mould herself to be a perfect life partner.... How and why will a girl "change" herself for someone whom she's only married to? My perspective of marriage is that one should be
    loyal.... Isn't it enough?? Where does this compromise come from and why is it mostly for girls only?? Every girl has the right to control her life.... Can't a girl be ambitious yet a good life partner? Marriage shouldn't kill a girl's dream..... Isn't this unfair for her? They say behave properly otherwise people will question your character.... But I say I take responsibility of my actions but not what people perceive...