• thrags 9w


    I don't have that much love left to give
    I don't have that much time left to live
    Its become so daunting & arduous
    In a constant war with Lucifer,
    Yet before he departs he brings a parting gift

    Turned to substances in search of Bliss
    Even so the pain still persists
    Life is a fog that I cannot simply dismiss
    No relief to be found,
    Lost for eternity wandering forever in the mist

    Desperate for a sense of peace & solace
    Spiting God wishing I had never even exist
    Instantaneously filled with regret but unable to resist
    In the mirror stands my executioner,
    Maniacally laughing as I tremble in his midst

    Felt an itch right beneath my fist
    Scratched & clawed until I slit my wrist
    Now I'm sure you got the gist
    Blood covers the entire ground,
    Not a single spot missed

    Thoughts of where things went amiss
    Begin to cry and remenice
    As I plunge deeper into the abyss
    Loss of any type consciousness
    Now I truly understand pure Bliss

    With a kiss