• __abhirupa__ 9w

    There was once a time when..
    It was time for school..
    With her hands she fed me rice..
    And in a hurry, braided my hair neat and nice..
    And then, I would desperately strain myself to see..
    If she was waving goodbye to me.

    There was a time when ..
    From home,school was some metres away..
    And as I would hear the bell ring..
    I would run to my classroom window to see ..
    If she was hanging clothes in our terrace, but to my total dismay...

    There was a time when..
    Exams were near..
    And she was responsible to make me learn..
    I was not let to worry for myself..
    So, I had none to fear..
    Still, my peace went for a toss..
    When, sitting by the window with glasses on..
    She would ask me for my papers..
    And with math on its way, the ground beneath me was gone..

    There was once a time when..
    There was a storm, and I went crazy..
    Coz he had not returned from office yet..
    I asked her to phone him and when it got disconnected, I grew hazy..
    Thinking something might have happened to him..
    With tears my eyes were wet..
    Later as I saw him from a distance,
    dragging his scooter..
    Is when I regained my sense..

    There was a time when..
    Evening tea was just not tea..
    If I didn't have him sit beside me..
    And let me have my first biscuit,
    Dipped in his tea..

    There was once a time..
    When I slept between you both..
    And when he slept and didn't bother..
    She would wake to see if I was covered..
    From head to toe, with cloth..

    That was the time when..
    We didn't realise what it would hold..
    In our years later..
    How our lives would mould..
    That was the time when..
    So desperate we were to grow..
    Only to realise now..
    How joyful it was to be a kid back then..

    That time is lost..
    Those memories are afresh..
    That bonding is lost..
    The relations are intact..
    Those times will never be back..
    No matter how desperate we are to bring them back..
    Mom dad still loves..
    But times will turn back to past never..
    Uncomfortable it is to grow up..
    Despite knowing the child in us dies never..
    The bitter truth lies within..
    That we can never become a child, ever!