• beautifuloldsoul 9w

    My first beautiful gift from God

    Hello to my 1st born
    My Beautiful Baby Girl
    My #1 Love Child
    You are so special to me
    You and I almost didnt make it the evening that where born
    It took them 7min to get you to breath
    I was so relieved to hear your little cry when you took your first breath
    As I lay on the operating table I watch them walk away with you
    As the door closes behind them I notice how much my arms where shaking uncontrollably
    I look at your daddy and I said, "this is not a good sign"
    Then the room around me got very bright,
    Like the brightest white light that has ever been light
    I couldnt see anyone or anything that was around me.
    Then the next thing I knew I was waking up in the recovery room.
    You and I went through so much to live.
    I tried so hard to have you naturally but you was to big
    My 9lbs 14oz baby, very healthy baby
    I pushed for 3 hours and you stopped breathing and after having to have a needle put in my spin twice and they waited to see if needed a blood transfusions which didnt happen tell the next day.
    Which in the end I had to have 4 blood transfusions
    I'm greatful that we made it through this and
    You are still here with us to this very day.
    You are so beautiful to me.
    I love you more then you know.
    I couldnt ask for a better child
    You have turned out to be a very smart and caring beautiful young lady.
    You have so much potential
    You can do anything you put your mind to.
    When I see your smile it makes me warm inside to know that you are happy.
    You have always been my reason for living
    To keep breathing everyday
    You are my light in the darkness
    My little angle
    My Baby Girl you will forever be in my heart
    Your my everything.