• d_and_a 10w


    A yo, when I grip the torch I scorch the masses,
    I bring the fire that sets the planet off its axis,
    I master off disasters,
    I melt your cap off and exterminate your favorite rappers,
    This is global warmin at its finest,
    You'll be forgotten before the dirt hits the casket.
    My calligraphy will elevate your heart beat,
    Regulate feats at keep you on your feet,
    I'm butchering and mincing beef,
    Slicing beets and flipping mcees to give myself a feast,
    Put your glasses on and pay attention,
    Class is in session, puff puff pass, dont fuck up the rotation,
    Divulge in the contamination until you reach ascension,
    When I arrive at my destination,
    it's with intention to build tension,
    I wanna hear ligaments and tendons tear from my expression,
    Regulate feats at hostile and I turn into a foster child with a bile childhood,
    I'm just vile but when I smile the e has been moved and restyle,
    This isn't a diet it's a lifestyle,
    I can't be digested, not even by a crocodile,
    I spit lava and leave you fertile,
    You just text, I'm an html file,
    So versatile like a homosexual's style,
    On your left like Steve Rogers I Ieave you in the dust for miles