• dammy_michael 49w

    Just when after you left yesterday did I realize how much I've missed you, how far apart we've been--almost five years now. After the movie, you said it was time to go. So I asked you to cuddle me and touch my flanks and you did. I asked if you could remember the first time you did that and what you told me. You nodded and smiled. You covered my mouth with your palm telling me to stop talking about the past. You knew I was dredging up memories but you wanted our past to remain buried because it hurts. I hurt you, I know and I'm very sorry for all I did. You parted my lips with yours and gave me a very light tantalizing kiss. It was the best I've had in a long while.

    Sometimes, I just wish we could encase memories inside a looking glass and watched them like movies. But memories are abstract waves that float on the back of the winds, and vanish in the storms of each fleeting second. I wanted to tell you that I missed you; that I missed the little secrets we shared; that I missed your giggles and those quick nights; and that you still take an irrevocable part of me with you and I carry yours around like a breastplate. But instead, I just said goodbye, closed my eyes because I couldn't watch you walk away once more. Until the doors stopped creaking.

    From DM to TT.