• nifemi 5w


    I'll never know what to do with her but I guess it's alright,
    Like that arrogant birthmark that's stuck with you forever,
    She refused to loosen her grip on my fragile heart,
    With every fight, her grip got tighter so I started plotting,
    I'm the one that's here but never actually there for you,
    Unstable as water,
    Like my father, the celebrity athlete,
    I was always running,
    Wish I knew why I was so afraid of taking root,
    It wasn't actually fear, it was just the unsettling feeling that I found strange,
    You know I once ruined a masterpiece carelessly,
    My messy self found perfection and all I could think of was fleeing,
    But this one was my shadow,
    Suddenly appearing when I decide to leave my dark shell.