• thekapster 10w


    Let's get one thing perfectly clear.
    I need to know, that you are fully aware that I'm the boss here!
    From dawn to dusk I run the show.
    So hippity hop! Let's get get movin, lets Go!
    First things first. My diaper is loaded for bear.��
    I've gone all night, now I have saggy underwear!
    (So to speak) I'm just glad I don't have to touch it!��
    Now that that's over I'm hungry! Don't make me have a fit!
    Ahhhhhh, now that I'm full I think I'll nap.
    Where'd the morning go?
    It's lunchtime already and it's back to bed, I just follow the flow.
    It's tuff being a baby!��
    Up again at 4:30. Daddy's home! Time to relinquish my rule.
    It's time to be Daddy's little boy-��. So cute, so cuddly, so sweet .... I'm nobody's fool��


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