• fear_it_self 5w


    I've been looking at my depression how people looked at me

    Like a problem

    Something that should've be sent away

    A troubled child That they were burdened with

    But my depression needs to be nurtured

    So I will love it despite it faults

    I will love it because of its faults

    I will push it on the swings of emptiness until it feels that it is full and free

    That it could fly

    I will be there to teach it to ride the bike of expectations til it learns not to fear

    And when it falls I will dust the misery from it's knees and will it to have the strength to try again

    We'll play peek a boo until my depression is comfortable enough to play emotions hide and seek where we find every hidden memory that made it the way it is and seek a remedy

    I will go to every anxiety provoking recital

    Look over every report card of disappointment

    And I will be there when my depression walks across the stage of adversity and receives a diploma in pain

    I will watch my depression graduate into happiness

    I will nurtured my depression into being content