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    Trying to write a story for the very first time!!
    Kindly comment!!
    To be continued!!

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    The forgotten one

    I am... Well that really doesn't matter because I know that like others, you will also leave me or forget me. Still, I am a small girl with big dreams.. We can continue with my introduction later. Because today I have to share something very important with you!

    Sorry but I don't know you!!

    Even I don't!

    Then What do you wanna share?

    I guess you can save me!


    Yes!! You can !!

    What help do you need?

    Just follow me!

    Can I please know your name?


    I am John!

    Jennifer! Just follow me now!!

    Time passes.. He passionately as if driven by some force..followed her!!
    Finally after walking for around half and hour he asks her

    Where are we going?

    Only the wind responds him back!!

    Have we reached??

    Don't you see the world progressing around you?? I mean can't you feel that your leg is know on a different leaf! Can't you feel the change in the intensity of sunlight as it is entering the door of dawn!! Can't you feel the wind being swifter !!
    So we are moving right!!
    The destination is yet to come and the journey is yet to begin!!


    She finally stop in the middle of nowhere..
    And slowly utters..
    Sorry! For being rude!!

    He notices..
    That her eyes have a different glare!!
    That she is unable to hide her smile!!
    That it feels like she is home!!

    ....to be continued...