• cole67 9w


    Long ago in the Ancient World
    And beneath the Poseidon seas,
    Is an underwater ceremony
    Of the likes you'll never see.

    A golden hair fair maiden
    Betrayed her sacred vows,
    By marrying Poseidon
    When that was not allowed.

    So the Goddess of the land
    Punished her to the bone,
    And wove her a weave of snakes
    That turn curious eyes to stone.

    Her beautiful looks is gone
    And her precious golden locks,
    From a fair maiden princess
    To looks that turn to rock.

    The whole Kingdom shunned her
    For her monstrous ways,
    So Medusa packed her things
    And moved really far away.

    She wandered across the desert
    Heart broken and a fake,
    And on her way through Africa
    She dropped off all her snakes.