• thoughtsofanobody 9w

    There something special about you
    Don't even try to lie,
    Your heads fuc*ed up,
    and now i see why
    Every guy you ever trusted and opened up to
    Has failed you
    Has lied to your face an
    The ones you fell in love with,
    Played with your heart because there love was never true, you turned to drugs to escape the hurt
    But now your stuck in a rough spot
    And your unhappy and confused

    Love you Accept you Need you
    It's not what anyone of them did, now your smile is gone because you lost the only two that ever did

    You are stronger than you know,
    Just stop doing dope and it will show
    You wont question yourself again
    Because deep down in your heart you already know.
    The person you really are is being trapped within
    If you quit letting people hurt you,
    You will then be able to finally grow.
    And that smile that completes you
    Will come back as soon as your babies are home.

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