• dusky_dawn 10w

    Am i getting into the dark lane too much these days??

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    You don't dare to open the windows with a fear that the darkness within will leave you if those rays touched your body!!You don't dare to stuff your mouth with those candies with a fear that you might turn sugar for all those who had hurt you in the past, present and the upcoming event -Future.You don't dare to write about the happy seconds,Funny minutes of your life in that old notepad with a fear that you might turn into a bag of happiness when you are nothing but a dark fake plastic bag.You don't dare to speak those 3 words to someone "I Love you" with a fear that they might see how broken you are from within -You are nothing but a helpless creature sleeping on the side of the bed with a hope that death won't leave you just like those creatures who claimed to love you left.