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    This isn't a story about being heroic. It's a story about confronting the bullies. And mostly for women, more often than not, it's men. Not all men are like that. I'm not anti-men, I'm anti chauvinists who believe that they are superior to women.
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    Sat at the smoke shop.
    Lit a cigarette after my daily walk.
    Jeans, t- shirt, chappal;
    I believe not provocative enough.
    Yet, cuz I belong to the gender that is obligated to check the female box.
    One bloke, felt entitled to follow me during one of his drunken stupors.
    Sensing footsteps closing nearer, I turned, skipping a hundred beats at once. And threatened to call the cops.
    He laughed menacingly, closing nearer, said - "What will they do. You're a woman. Smoking a cigarette. Alone".
    Scared, I took a shot in the dark, and said - "You seem to have a lot of guts. Instead of following me, why not walk with me. I'll escort you myself."
    Taken aback, expecting me to cower.
    I think I heard his chauvinist bubble go *POP*.
    And he didn't follow me thereafter.