• ritvik_tuteja 5w

    The Tranquil Aspiration

    Calm and pleasant is his personality
    A social animal he is to each man and Lady
    Like all, he has his friends closest
    Not a day without troubling them does he miss
    His sarcasm is not everyone's game
    His small talks with plenty have earned him fame
    Unlike the blustering Symbiosis culture
    He maintains his comical & amusing nature

    He nicknames all his social circles
    Cupcakes & coodies are some of them
    Yet loved by all for his nature endearing
    He is full of ambition - relentless & hard working
    Admired by ladies more than the men
    His company is to all cherishable

    Always making his presence in every occasion
    Every picture speaks a story of him
    A man with a tale he's always been
    Less vocal, more about living the experience
    A footballer at heart within his spirit
    Always carrying the style of a Gal√°ctico indeed