• tammy_j 23w

    Love and Frienship

    All of the lies he fed me back then,
    Broke my heart over and over again.
    Now you want me to give you my heart,
    But my hearts still broken and ripped apart.

    You can't imagine the damage done,
    I used to be happy, loving and fun.
    I once believed that love conquered all,
    Until he slammed my head against a wall.

    Make-up became something I would use,
    To hide yet another obvious bruise.
    The shame I felt, in every way,
    Is what turned me to who I am today.

    So don't waste your time, I'm not the one,
    But don't let that stop us from having fun.
    See, You mean more than you comprehend.
    Because I love you, but just as a friend.