• favourizky19 5w


    Women are vessels
    A man who treats his wife is said to be of royalty
    Must have dined with Kings and queens
    Women have been made inferior
    They have been looked down upon
    Their voices are no longer heard
    The society deems her unfit
    Her veil has been torn
    Her dignity torn to shreds
    Her beauty has vanished
    Gone are the days when a woman was held in high regards
    She was a jewel
    When a man touches her uncomfortably
    She wouldn't come out for the fear of stigmatization
    Nobody will believe her
    When she says her breast was fondled so bad that it hurts
    Nobody will believe her
    When she says he touched her without her consent
    Nobody will believe her
    When she says he pulled down his pants
    Fixing his gaze on her
    His eyes hot with fire and fury
    As if she was his next victim
    Nobody will believe her
    They are all blind
    Nobody would hear her wailing uncontrollably
    Her head to the wall
    She physically mutilated
    Psychologically tortured
    Emotional destroyed
    Nobody will believe her
    Suicide seems the best option
    She would be labeled a LIAR
    Various derogatory and unsavory comments would be passed on her
    An attention seeker
    A slut
    A bitch
    Nobody will believe her
    Because they have been blindfolded
    They know not the truth
    Because they are ignorant