• shreyashidutta_ 22w


    Wears a smile,tie happiness,
    ride on optimism,kneels down to help who needs,
    read eyes,respect emotions,decipher silence,
    hadn't learnt to layover,
    gifts togetherness,starts the day with vision,nurture ideas,
    fall in love with simplicity,believes in originality,bitching,not an attitude,
    have mind with outlook,conceptualize situations,hate lies,
    heart belongs to honesty,soul to motherland,life to humanity,
    have dreams to fulfill,goals to achieve,
    eyes on sky,feet on ground,
    ambitions fly high in the blues,
    love his woman,not her body,
    won't gift gold,instead will have a golden heart,
    wears specs of truth,nurture honesty,
    don't complete,rather compliment his woman,
    strives for a better life,craves for loyalty,cries,when feels to,hide surprises,
    not a billionaire,still owns a billion dollar perspective,rich in thoughts,
    won't mind if better half earns more,
    for whom sex not a pleasure,rather the unification,celebration of two minds,body and soul,
    ethics,moral,pillars of life,believes in equality,
    smoke out hate,anger,jealousy,
    drinks beauty of the nature,
    not credit card,gives support,
    earns respect,
    the one woman man who steals pain,heals the broken soul and joins moments.