• doughty 9w

    No punctuations.#endsars

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    Things fall apart
    Banshees wail from afar
    The forests quakes solemnly
    The epitaphs overshadows the eulogy

    Bodies mar the footpath to salvation
    Power blocks the door to justice
    Flowing red streams stink of dreams never to be accomplished
    Paid tormentors languishes in the tears of millions

    I've no voice no matter how much I scream
    Deaf ears awaits the ones that speak
    Do we exist or live?
    Why do I say my last prayers at night and when a man in uniform approaches

    Every breath feels like the last
    Death traps, bandits, failing health
    Death rears its ugly head with every policy
    The full weight of atrocities backed by arbitrariness

    I watch my soul escape my body as I breathe
    The throat silent as I scream
    The cabals feasts on my lazy meat
    This place stinks of blood, tears and mismanagement
    I fancy myself a body waiting for his funeral