• emotional__poetry 11w

    Trapped & Escape

    The word sad was carved into her wrists
    But they didn't listen to her
    And they saw
    Now she walks around wearing long-sleeves
    To hide what she does to herself everyday
    Before she goes to bed
    She makes sure she cuts
    Like clock work
    She hides her blades
    Like they are made of gold
    So nobody finds them
    She talks to herself in the mirror
    She pulls up her sleeves
    And now she wants it back
    Looking at her cuts
    A scream comes out of her
    Everything around her turns grey
    The silence became so much louder
    Spoken words
    All these days will pass me by
    100 thoughts still go unheard
    Her only option
    She planned to step forward
    But she makes friends with her hands
    And doesn't let go
    The devil was about
    To lock her inside
    But the door opened
    And she stole her
    Thank you