• khanaadi 31w

    And finally i reached there,
    Yes, On the horizon of life,
    And i saw people dying with their own ailments,
    Laughing with their dead, poisoned teeth,
    Innocent babies with their refined utterances,
    The old ones on the verge of loss,
    Fields barren, and gardens empty,
    Authority, decaying and burning,
    Moral fiber infecting the whole milieu,
    And then i came across some hidden signs,
    Signs of unknown myth and concealed truth,
    Entombed under the beacon lights,
    I saw ships sinking in the abyss of injustice,
    And their debris on the hilltop of justice,
    Oh! Unbearable marks in the verses of time,
    Eternal silence of sea at the ending of every narrative,
    I feel everything is dead here,
    I no more want to go ahead,
    I feel suffocation with every breath,
    Oh ! My hut is my heaven!
    It's poor tea my soothing wine,
    I need to go home !