• talesbyaweirdo 5w

    Chapter 6: Left

    It was an hour past midnight when Roy approached the cell where Veronica was kept. He gripped the bars as she peered up at him wordlessly from her position on the floor. She got up slowly, as if the weight of the world rested on her delicate shoulders and stood in front of him.
    "Why are you here? It must be late..."
    He realised there wasn't a clock nearby. She had no idea how long it was till sunrise; how long till she received bail. "It's 1 a.m.. Your lawyer has already arranged the money and you'll be out first thing in the morning."
    Her bloodshot eyes bore into his. "Why are you here then?" she asked quietly.
    Roy gave a humourless laugh, placing his hands over hers on the bars. "Why do you think?"
    She shook her head, defeated. "It's been so long, Roy."
    "I couldn't let you stay here alone, Ronnie. And I don't even remember what went wrong."
    When she looked at him questioningly, he said, "Was that it? Did you leave because I was busy with my job?"
    Veronica's face fell. "You didn't have time or a place for a relationship in your life, and that's why I did us both a favor. That's why I left."