• tzhuboru 9w


    I'm powered up call me Goku
    Spitting flame Avatar Roku
    I'm the fuckin shit doodoo
    I'm sick like cancer AIDS and swine flu
    I love all my niggas that's the truth
    No fake news
    MOTHAFUCK YOU and the horse you rode in on if you ever disrespect the crew
    I'm a care bear
    But if you fuck with me I turn into a vicious grizzly bear
    I got all you niggas scared
    I'm a living nightmare
    personification of terror
    If you're feeling froggy leap
    I'll Beat the fuck out of you like Rodney King I'll grind you into patties grill you up
    and feed you to your family
    I'll chop your legs off and tell you to leap
    cut your tongue off and tell you to speak
    cut your eyes out and tell you to see
    I'm a savage beast a dog off the leash
    I'm a force of nature like a tsunami
    Anything in my way I'm demolishing
    Ain't no stopping me