• ra_bh_h 46w


    you have got years
    to smell those flowers,
    and to see the twilight patterns,
    or to talk with someone at
    your heart's content,
    or cry over the tree
    that got cut,
    and maybe to stop
    and see that
    trinket market on
    your road to office,
    or call your cousin and accept
    that you had cheated with the queen;
    in that game of carrom,
    or meet your school teacher
    that you know stays
    somewhere near,
    and of course;
    to get wet in these rains,
    or attempt to count
    the stars in the sky,
    or read that old school magazine.

    yes, years you have got,
    but have you got these moments?
    where you smell the flowers,
    or see the twilight patterns,
    or talk with someone.......