• lunaticscientist 36w

    Love story of a dumb guy and a girl diagnosed with mental illness.

    'They' : the people surrounding that mentally ill girl.

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    Mentally - ill love

    That every time she murmured something or screamed, they laughed.

    Her unintentionally moving hands here and there gestured her innocence. She had no knowledge of this world and instead lived peacefully in her hallucinations.

    Her waving hands, childish laugh and meaningless phrases were a source of fun for those who witnessed her doing so.

    Somebody standing in the corner felt deep sorrow and disappointment as a tear rolled down that guy's cheek for that he knew that girl was much more better than normal people.

    The secret died with him and her when nobody took a single step to treat her abnormality. Only that person knew she was having such problems that nobody could handle and he couldn't help her either because he was handicapped too with his voice and hence remained unwillingly quiet.