• finnisam 5w


    Confronting behaviour allowed to fester
    Beneath the blind eye of ignorance
    Is a battle fought by the greater and the lesser
    To win the lion’s share of semblance,
    Making the matter of misery a bullet bitten
    And yet the remnants of pain ignored
    Like love, the alcoholic is smitten
    With a bottle unopened and still stored.
    Problem festers. Problem matures
    And once it’s opened it reveals those sores
    That the mind kept captive and let loose
    Like a career criminal with another excuse.

    Ready to drink. Ready to think. Ready to make a mess.
    Tarnishing the reputation of falsified progress.
    What not to do (a lesson to all):
    The original task and nothing more
    Akin to wearing a mask and shutting the door
    On a room of imperfection, sadness and rejection
    To make the mind forget the steps it still regrets.
    Temptations of deflection in any other direction
    Than the one necessary to see the behavioural infection.

    None are right. None are wrong.
    Methods malformed as we go along,
    With opinions and facts and fact formed opinions
    And paranoid thoughts about mental dominions.
    Ebbing and flowing with the tides,
    Mortality hinders and divides,
    Clinging to the help that nature provides.
    Trusting this and trusting that
    Like a poverty stricken aristocrat,
    A contradiction unseen by the pauper
    Until brought to light by the self-referential author.

    What not to do (a lesson to all).