• aprildby 30w

    Dear ma,

    I may not be at your side right now.
    I may not see your face in the morning when I wake up.
    I may not be holding your hand as you you walk outside
    I may not hear your voice at night when Im about to sleep
    But you're always here inside my heart.

    You are the reason why I wanted to wake up in the morning even the other side of my head keep on telling me not to wake up at all.
    You are the reason why I'm not holding other's hand because for me,
    you're more than enough.
    You are the reason why I always keep my phone on and wait for yor voice on the other line.
    Asking me If im eating well,
    If im doing fine
    Telling me to just be safe
    Or rest for a while

    I should be the one asking you all that.
    Are you eating well?
    Are you doing fine?
    Please be safe.
    And always take a rest.

    Stop worrying about me , about us
    Because you are my strenght, our strenght
    Without you
    It feels like living days without a sun.

    I might be somewhere far right now
    A lot of places are waiting for me.
    But ma,
    I don't want so much from this world
    I don't want the universe either.
    What I wanted is to be complete
    And it's only possible when you are near.
    You're not just a light.
    you are my home.