• anonymously_famous 5w

    A Wispy Way

    All she had to tell me everytime she saw my swollen and sore eyes was "If something goes beyond words, don't let it go beyond your grip. You have the steering wheel of life in your hands. Always chase the way that leads to your destination." She was the only one who could sense whenever the tides of hopelessness rised within me. We've shared the load of life together for years.

    After 2 years, I revisited her . It was heartbreaking to see the longest and most beautiful hair winner losing locks of hair and turning bald. As I hugged her tightly , I could hear the sobs from the depths of her soul. I tried to enter her storm and bring all the pain she had gulped to the surface but I couldn't stop the wind from slamming the rain of tears.. The day before her last breath escaped her lips, I could still sense her hopes springing high. She held my hand and whispered "I'll be fine".The shadow of last rays of light faded within me. I've never felt this wasted, pulseless.There's no greater suffering than seeing someone you love drift in and out of your world. Since that day my soul has never been still. Somedays, I find the beam of moonlight falling on my face as the most peaceful thing. Other days, I find gravity of darkness in my heart. Somedays,I find the sun, the stars ,sanity returning .Other days ,I find the hope within me flickering . All these years I've just been trying to liberate the silence in my voice..the heaviness in my heart, putting away the masks. I'm homesick for the place that doesn't exist. .

    I visit her place whenever I'm in her town. All I can hear is noisy sobs echoing in her room. I wish one day we'll have our own galaxy and our stars will meet each other but this time our home will only echo your endless laughter. .
    Wherever you are , I wish you peace !