• sanayatprs 23w

    Who's this weirdo ...was the first thing that came on my mind when I first saw her..she was an eccentric being .. always doing things that made her unique from others around her... that made her an interesting person for I loved interpreting people...the more I get to know about her the closer we became for there was never a soul as beautiful as hers she was the embodiment of compassion ..of selflessness ..she taught me that there are things that we should do without expecting rewards..she taught me to believe in myself.....she healed me by driving out the hate inside of me and taught me how to open my heart and love... unconditionally..she taught to face my fears...she gave me a second life ..made me who I am without expecting anything back for she always used to say that there's no greater pleasure than helping others without expecting anything in return..she stayed with me in my good and worst times..there was no me without her..and then came a time....the time when she said goodbye...to this world...but not to me cuz there's no me without her ...she was a part of my soul which even death couldn't separate.....in a world were inconsistency prevailed she was and forever will be my constant.........

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    ...In a world were inconsistency prevailed...
    She was and forever will be my constant..