• momozono 5w

    ©yangchay #life

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    Why am I everyone's last choice.
    Why am I hate by everyone
    Why am I ignored by everyone
    Am I that scary that everyone want to leave me.
    Why was my childhood is not that memorable.
    Why was I born if I was never meant to be treated good by anyone.
    Im tired of doing good to others.
    I tired my best to do good to everyone.
    I tired to make them happy leaving my own work and my dreams.
    I tried my best
    I put all my effort to be good..
    But I was not even near to the word GOOD
    I was ignore by everyone but I never ignored them because I know the pain of being ignored.
    I pray for everyone not to let anyone get the pain I'm going through.
    I got no one to share my feelings.