• khikky 50w

    The feeling is different
    Like a cold sunny day
    Causing a rebirth
    Branding in another way.

    It is the birth of another baby
    The death of another acne.
    It's the rise of a new dawn
    The start of a new beginning.
    It is a moment filled with insights
    A vision of delight.

    It is a place of greater height
    Promising everything will be alright.
    It is a moment of increase
    Plagued with so much decrease.

    It is the resurrection of peace
    Into our hearts filled with guilt.
    It is the end of stress
    Giving strength for our health.

    It is the beginning of an end
    The victory behind it's death
    Is the resurrection of a new life.

    It is a New Year
    Ready to wipe our fears.