• boykas 5w

    Fading days of light

    Oh Lord ! We have run the day through
    Our days are ladeth with fleeting tale
    Our hope for the years to come forth
    Our heart and reins fadeth
    And we are skew to dust
    Our years slant in the days
    Our raiment is well fixed for the future
    Fading days wert our folded
    Stories in the past years
    A new future hope fixed on a new day
    To grime through those days
    We had the journey rough

    Fading days we cleave into twin
    A better day and a tough
    Day that all fade away with time
    Our days tarry in our tough moments
    We live for a mantle
    To the next future
    Oh Lord ! Our days are of yesterday
    And we know nothing of tommorow
    As your word says
    Our past are left in monotone
    And our days are fleeting mantle
    Our days enchanted are blissful
    Our days fading are stories
    Our lives fleeting shadows
    With no future and no shelter
    Without your voice full of promises
    Oh blessed father we have your promises
    And the grave is empty but with your promises
    We will have an eternal peace where there is no pain in the golden censer
    We are forever grateful father

    @ boyka