• _the_sentimental_one 5w

    Happy Independence day!

    Freedom has a high cost;
    Remember freedom fighters had a great loss;
    They willingly sacrificed their lives;
    Just for we Indians to survive!
    Today we are free from any foreign rule;
    Only because of our bravehearts who selflessly worked hard!
    Let's remember them and their work!
    Let's unite to thank them and appreciate them!
    Let's spread love and religh;That's how we can repay their sacrifice.
    Lets spread kindness, peace and harmony;
    Remove hatred and spread brotherhood everywhere!
    Let's try to remove discrimination and partially,
    As every caste,creed and religion has equal rights!
    Lets raise voice against gender inequalities!
    As every boy and girl are citizens of India and have equal rights!

    Support each and every citizen and treat with kindness;
    That's how we can repay our fighters;
    On this day we achieved Independence from foreign rule;
    But still complete Independence is not yet!
    The day political and religious issues won't exist;
    The day when there won't be any inhuman torture against the illiterate;
    The day when every human will be given equal rights;
    The day when no partiality among rich and poor will exist:
    And the day when freely moving alone in the street won't be fearful;
    That will be the day we achieve complete freedom!

    Our flag is hoisted remembering our bravehearts;
    So let's unite and take a pledge to make India a complete independent country!
    Achieving complete independence will be the day when the fighters soul will rest in peace;
    So let's be and fight together to make their souls proud!
    Let's make India a country where every citizen can proudly say,"Yes!I'm an Indian and I love my country!"