• scribbledsymphonies 5w

    Can we squabble over petty affairs
    Can you give another try at life
    And enter my life again with your usual flair
    Cause that will make me happy for sure
    Those tricolor bears that you gifted me on my birthday
    Are the only belonging that I have of you and which I really adore
    Can you give another try at life
    Cause our retriever puppy has grown into an old man now
    And near you frame he everyday sits with a rubber spike ball in his mouth waiting for u to come and play with him
    Can you give an other try at life
    Cause our daughter has spent many sleepless nights
    In hope that you'll return one day and she'll get to hear bedtime stories from her dad again
    Can you please give another try at life
    Cause mom makes your favourite suji halwa and Malai kofta roll every sunday till today and dad misses his chess buddy.
    Can you please give life a try
    Cause my life has been flipped after you left
    And my heart that used to skip a beat looking at you has been voodoed by a dry spell of your absence
    And it wishes to see you alive each day
    Walking and
    Not wrapped dead in a tricoloured flag
    I want to see you fighting at the border
    I know you are the son of our country first
    But seeing you dead is not something that I can really trust
    Can you give life another chance
    Cause you are the love my life fell in love with at a party ballroom dance.