• hooryatanweer 5w

    Someday the frost of hatred will melt away;
    And the spring of love will blossom
    Someday the barren tree of humankind ;
    Will be blessed with the leaves of humanity
    Someday the depressed souls;
    Will enjoy the breeze of contentment
    Someday the storms of egotism will end;
    And the bright rays of selflessness will brighten up the world
    Someday the dirt of corruption;
    Will be washed away by the rain of honesty
    Someday the darkness of distress;
    Will wake up in the morning of peace
    Someday the sky of mankind;
    Will be full of cheerful twinkling stars.

    ~Hoorya Tanweer
    Love, Peace. ♥️

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    Someday the sky of mankind
    Will be filled with cheerful twinkling stars.

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