• _pranjal_kashyap_ 6w

    To my sweet lover!
    Hope you are doing well.
    I just read all of your messages and i got to know that you have literally fallen in deep oceans of love.
    I won't say that you are wrong cause your choice of love is absolutely awesome, After all it's me.
    But let me tell you one thing, apart from your cute gestures of reaching me and making efforts to seek my attention i am sorry to say that i am not in any kind of mood of getting into relationship cause i am surrounded by loads of things now which needs my proper attention and my whole self. I appreciate your efforts and i really like the way you proposed me but i am helpless and have to leave.
    Please mark my words and accept the fact that a *no means no* and don't get messed up with the dialogues of movies like *it's a yes when she says a no* cause there's nothing like that.
    I have made this thing clear because i think a true bitter no is way better than a fake sweet yes.
    Hope you will understand and move on.
    With regards
    Your love!