• rdphilippi 40w

    Why do I still clasp onto the memory of you?
    to the person you once were
    to the person I loved
    to the person I gave myself to

    My callused hands and aching fingers
    cramp and screech as I clench with every fiber in my being to the past,
    velvet blood dripping to the floor
    and onto the broken pieces of my heart where you left them so carelessly.
    Echoing thoughts of your return haunt my dreams
    My attempts of redemption will be of no purpose to you
    For however tight I hold onto the past,
    that person is never coming back.
    I will never see them again.
    To the man that whispered he loved me,
    to the one who held me close.

    You have changed
    And I never got a chance to bid him farewell.

    So here it is.