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    Back with the next chapters of the most special work of my life ever. What makes this write-up so special?

    1: Chapters
    2: Rhyme
    3: Eight syllables in each line
    4: Poetic story
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    "Climax of the East"


    Chapter No. 3

    After that, we started meeting;
    Daily, because it was pleasing

    We never felt we were stranger
    So, no one felt any danger

    of being even outspoken
    as both weren't even broken

    as it's said things feel good at first
    we proved wrong, we kicked lust of thirst

    we became friends in a short time
    not just friends but yes best and prime

    we went everywhere together
    caring no climate or weather

    One day while talking, she confessed
    my appearance made her impressed

    that was the time she fell in love
    in her mind, used to call me dove

    the best thing why we never fought
    no flaws in our convo we brought

    from beaches to the Turandot
    We wandered together a lot

    We were free birds, we were crazy
    firuze eyes, gait was lazy

    She was a perfect polymath
    Shh! I wasn't good in any such wrath

    Chapter No. 4

    One day she told, she got a job
    In a company, Rembertglobe

    which was directly before mine
    we both literally felt fine

    I knew her embroidery skills
    her job was to deal with the mills

    providing them unique designs
    whether they were shapes or mere lines

    Chapter No. 5

    One day she said she need to share
    Something happened wasn't truly fair

    (to be continued...)