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    My tears betray me
    My eyes do too
    And just like you
    My heart betrays me too.

    Your words cut like knife
    I had to bear them all my life
    But I can't take it anymore
    My heart is already pretty sore.

    I don't know if your words have any limits
    But I have reached mine
    You have crossed the line
    And now, its my time to shine.

    I'll prove that you are wrong
    I'll prove that I'm strong
    I won't take it anymore
    I have waited a bit too long
    I'll make you pay for every part you tore
    Of my heart just as you pleased
    But now, my silence has ceased.

    You will definately pay
    I'll not at all stay
    Quite any longer
    I'll prove that I'm stronger.

    Stronger than you thought
    And I'll drown you down
    In all of lies that I bought
    And I'll take the crown
    Which belonged to me from the start
    Now I can see, your betrayal has made me smart.

    My time is here
    I'll forget all my fears
    And you will regret each tear
    That you made me shed
    And each harsh word you said.

    'Cause all your harsh words
    Mean nothing now
    And I'll show you just how
    You made me feel
    And I'll make u kneel
    Down in front of me
    And beg for some mercy.

    Cause I have had enough
    Now I can see right through your bluff
    And I will not tolerate
    I'll prove that its not too late
    To make you realise all your mistakes
    Cause you have crossed the line
    And now, its my time to shine.