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    These days people (mainly teenagers) trust people very easily. Teenage people are in the age where they have to face many things for the first time and they don't have enough idea of about how to handle them. They don't know whom should they share their problems with, so that they could get helped. Most of the times sharing things don't make the expected result. This time even close ones don't give the trustworthy vibes to feel free to talk our heart out with them. I would like to share my personal experience with you guys, read further if you are excited.
    During my school life I used to have a huge group of friends enjoying our life, doing whatever we wish for, going on trips, parties and much more things together. But as we all were growing elder eventually things started changing and I realized it when I faced a incidence of breaking of my trust on one of my best friends.
    This was the time when I was going through some problems related to family pressure, career tension, personal relationships, etc and wasn't able to handle them alone, I just felt a need of sharing them with someone so that they could guide me. I tried to speak out with one of my friend hoping he could suggest me a solution. But I was wrong, after listening to me he didn't spoke a word of support and just walked back home. I thought he might says something the next day. So, when I reached school the next morning I saw things happening much differently then what I expected, everyone was looking at me and smiling in a weird way. I had no idea why was it happening, one of my friend (other than the guy with whom I shared things) came to me and said "we all now know what is happening with you, he told us everything." I was shocked and embarrassed after hearing that my messed life is now a joke kind of point for everyone to discuss, he continued "I know how you are feeling right now." and he advised me "If you are going through any situation just try to sort it out by yourself, no one over here is your close person. We all are friends and this term has limits, we cannot be family so you have to fight with those difficulties yourself, this will make you strong and you won't have regret of anything in future. Believe in yourself"
    These words literally hit me hard at that time and I find them very true till today. From that day I am finding solution to my problems by myself and I am satisfied with it. I am not at all saying that friends aren't trustworthy, some are they definitely are, as my that friend who gave me such a good advice. Sometimes some friends also help you in solving your problems but they are very rare and if you find someone like that just don't live them.
    So this was my story of moralizing 'Close ones taught no one is close.' Hope it helps you. CHEERS!

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    Close one's taught no one is close....