• sterlingstreetlamp 22w

    Hope rises like a Phoenix from the ashes of shattered dreams.” -S.A. Sachs

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    Grey Skies, Dry Snow,
    Red Rivers, Sore Throats,
    Ember Veins, Hot Winds,
    Naked Trees, Angry Mountains,
    Ash Masks, Pale Skins,
    House Robes, Rusty Gems,
    Bleeding Lungs, Coughing Heart,
    Land of Music, War and Art,
    Windy Rhythm, Dusty Hands,
    Magma Plucking, Lava Sands,
    Ashen Drums, Glassen Lutes,
    Ebon Janggus, Crystal Flutes,
    Dusty Scales, Ashy Fur,
    Creaky Chitin, Poison Water,
    Purple Cactus, Salty Flats
    Steamy Filters, Smoker Vats,
    Stuffy Noses, Flaming Rivers,
    Dying Roses, Cracking Livers,
    Rocken Crags, Volcanic Throne,
    Hearts Beating, Ashen Home,