• window2mysoul 10w

    Never Ending Goodbye"

    There is a storm inside of me I just can't face, Everywhere I go ,I see your smile ,and the last moments of seeing your face, There is a pain In me I just cant shake ,and it hurts with each breath I attempt to take ,When does this end ,How much more can a heart break?There isn't even a second your not on my mind ,While others living their lives ,I'm sitting stuck in time ,I can not see pass having to say goodbye, I'm far past grieving,more like I died ,My body is moving,but my heart has no beat left ,sorrow is all that is inside of my chest ,Since we parted ,My world came to an end ,Never will I be able to replace you through lovers or friends,why did this have to happen ,I need to know, I may be still living, but Never can I let you go.- written by Mary Magee - Mary Holt) Window2mysoul @Mirakee