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    Pls have a read , specially my male mates as you'll become a father of a daughter someday or a husband of someone someday , and ladies next time someone ask you a virginity cheq question , well, now you know what to say...thank you.


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    Are you a virgin?

    "Ohh she didn't bleeded on her first night , she's not a virgin".

    You have heard this mythical shit many times and judged many girls but well let me break this shit myth.

    Now few thing i wanna say is that stop judging someone on the basis of his or her sexuality and you can't say a girl is virgin or not on the basis of this bleeding shit until you "ask her". But thanks to our society as we've been told this shit from decades.

    Well , the thing is " hymen" is not a plastic which you can break and it'll bleed and it'll disappear ,its available in various shapes and its like a rubber band or say kind of and it stretches according to the tension created and when more room is needed it get more stretched and" sometimes bleed".

    A virginity test was done on 36 pregnant women's ,in which only 2 of the women's bleeded while intercourse due to the penetrating tension and the rest 34 never bleeded while this so called" virginity loss process."

    But these were all the biological things ,which is like say a misunderstanding created intentionally to suppress the women's from a long fucking time but the thing that destroys women's the most is the impact on their minds due to all these shit created by our society.

    Well stop this because its like saying a guy that "hey you masterbated once, now you're not pure , you're not a virgin ".
    Sex is the need of every human being on this earth , say more like men's need sex and women's need bit more of "affection". Its not a sin ,cmon.
    But don't use it as a tool of suppression and depression for someone.