• _t_h_e_h_o_l_i_c_s_ 23w

    PART 7

    She called me an hour after I reached home. I was excited about meeting her after an year. But I heard her sobbing like a small child.She asked me not to talk to my parents,because her parents cannot be convinced and she can't go against them.I felt she was indirectly asking me to leave her.I couldn't control my words when I heard her asking me to put an end to our relationship. For the first time I shouted at her.I compared her to all those girls who broke up their relationship in name of their parents. I yelled at her that it was my mistake that i chose her.She didn't said anything in return. I finished my yelling and still she remained silent.i disconnected the call without even thinking what was she going through.
    .........To be continued