• angelsharon 22w

    My abode!

    A home away from the city,
    Where sound of raindrops can be heard
    And the petrichor be felt,
    Where I fall to the ground and it won't hurt,
    Where I can laugh without being judged,
    Where I can run and cry,
    Where I can scream my lungs out.

    A home far down the lane,
    Where I can be lame, and no one who cares,
    Where I can sleep throughout the day
    And count stars at night,
    Where I can be wild and free,
    With no force to exert control over me;
    Where I can feel the winds pushing, or the air that caresses me,
    Where I can meet people, who don't know "who I am" or the past I dwell in.

    A home in the wilderness,
    Where no one asks from where I came
    Or where I head to,
    Where the 'sun would shine bright' upon me too,
    Where I could be the 'me', the world never knew,
    Where I'm born with each breath I take, and can hear every single beat of my heart,
    Where I'd be dead, yet alive.
    A home away from my home.