• alok22 5w

    I fear being
    On a platform
    Waiting for a train
    To come, and a train to go
    I don't know
    Niether I want to guess
    When it'll come
    And where it'll go
    I just long for it
    On a starry night
    I feel like counting coaches
    And see how they feel
    Lonely without people
    And sometimes in their presence
    A companion of journey
    Two parallel railway tracks
    On a same journey
    Ignorant of each other
    Traveling alone
    Like me and like night sky
    Counting stars
    And spending night
    I've always been
    Not so mainstream
    Just like, empty wardrobe
    Scared and abundant
    Of the Vogue
    I hope you get it
    I've been waiting
    For you, for not to
    Hold on, to let it go
    A rain may pour
    And a wind that'll blow
    For the night again
    And a train to board
    A train may come
    And a train that'll go.