• pranamya 11w

    you stop me from moving
    and i am a paralysed emotion
    a heavy heart and painful chest
    rocking its functioning to the fullest
    am i intoxicated, i ask and i
    listen to me say that i am just exploding
    you hold my hand and tell me
    what i’m doing isn’t right
    isn’t a way that will take me
    where i want to go
    you have that effect on me
    that i can’t resist but stop
    i go along with your whispers
    and i abide by your little nuances
    i don’t ever wonder if you are
    right or wrong, i don’t ever wonder
    if you’ll really take me
    where i want to go or if you’ll
    guide me while i go
    but you happen. irrevocably and
    compellingly. this is to tell you
    that i have ways to admit that i
    trust someone with my heart wearing
    it on sleeves even when it’s heavy
    and here i am allowing you to now
    take over me with naught confronts
    is the way i’m befitting a response
    as an acknowledgement, an acceptance.

    - Pranamya Akella .