• asphodel_ 5w

    Sometime it becomes too late to learn lessons and express yourself.

    Just a 2 min rant, chill can skip.

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    Voice of (my) in-sane!

    Ask yourself once, what it kills in you everyday?
    I tried enough to console my own spirit with a rambling answer. But neither of us were satisfied with the torment flowing in the wind.

    When every morning you get up and realize you are not worth the efforts you actually do, doesn't your self conscience acts numb. People usually walk away from something they don't fit into. But it actually lends you a painful smile when you wished to fit your painted nails between their fingers.

    This evening , when my mother offered me a cup of tea, I failed distort my facial expression with yikes, instead I moved upstairs with it to go on a date. It wasn't that bad to chill with the dusky orange sun. Sounds insane, but we conversed for hours just by staring at the gleam which was hidden somewhere in the darkness.

    It lightly whispered that your tea is done, should I go? I just wanted to hold it and ask better be here for lifetime but the brightness started pinching my eyes.
    The thought that I can't hold it for eternity pained a lot but it would have pained more if I had stayed there for long.

    Seems like a rantful story, but it actually gifted me a smile.
    I got to know why sometimes we allign ourselves to get wounded. Why we love getting hurt.... just bcz of our temptations.

    It's December evening, chilled and rough. I should better go to warm my life. Still I was restless, the sight of the dead getting buried in the graveyard destroyed the smile, I got after years. RIP, to both.

    I should have shoved my feets to refrain my eyes seeing such a displeasant moment.
    But I couldn't get of it.
    A boy ruthlessly crying for his lost someone was howling in repentance.
    Do people repent over someone's death?
    Something new in front of my eyes,
    I always thought that people just cry and forget the same.
    That moron was regretting for his hidden emotions. He always failed to express the kind of love and importance he had for that person. And now it's too late since he reached another world.

    Now my heart is asking me,
    what made you lose your smile,
    the death or the moron hidden in you?