• animes143 10w

    Horrible feeling

    Horrible is a word we use in different scenarios

    Some times in case of fears or some time in case of cheers

    Some time we are feeling it when we are leave something and tie up with some thing new

    We have to be practical adopt new things else we are getting to face the situation horrible

    We are doing loan we are fulfil our wish fulfil but in the other hand we are doing loan

    And the new chapter begins

    Some time we thinks that if pressure will be come we do our work efficiently but the thing is something different

    We are getting diverted by girl and the second is YouTube

    Watching motivational videos for demotivate

    Actually we are watching funny videos for laugh but the at last we got only one option that is cry

    Sometimes we thing all the problem is happening because of lazyness and diverting of mind

    But company is not opening so we can't go to company

    And in this situation if we will go to company then due to fear or pressure we work efficiently

    Else we will think that before any horrible thing will be happen let's give our best